Sunday, June 24, 2007

And It Feels So Good

When I moved to Japan I gave my cat to my brother because Japan has a six-month quarantine rule for animals coming from North America. Although I later learned that the quarantine can be partially in-home, it turned out to be a good decision, as I was on the road for at least half of my almost four years there.

Fast-forward five years. My brother and SIL have been planning a move for some time, and knew they might need to give the cat away, so when I decided on my spur-of-the-moment trip to Seattle a few weeks ago to meet my new nephew, we decided I would take the cat back with me to NY*.

So JJ and I have been reunited, and it's taking just a little bit of time to adjust. It only took about 48 hours for every surface in my house to be covered with white hair, so there's that. I've always had a rule that anything that lives with me has to be very independent - be it plants, animals, or men. JJ has a lot of personality and is very energetic. He's not as independent as most cats, but he does come from a broken home (I got him when I lived with an old boyfriend), so I try to cut him some slack. It took him about a week to start sleeping on my bed scrunched up against my legs, which is fun. Mostly he spends time looking at the doors, hoping they will open to allow him to wander around outside (he's never been outdoors, so I don't know what that is about), and climbing to the highest point in whatever place he happens to be. Going to the vet is his least favorite pastime, as seen above.

*Never, never again will I ever travel on a plane with a cat.


  1. A cat is a perfect companion... i love my cat!!! I think it's great you got your cat back, But for the love of all cats, let it out side! that's craziness.... it's a cat!!! It's like keeping a bird in a cage... it's unnatural...
    And don't worry, it will come back, I promise!
    I took in a cat that was about 15 years old and never had been outside, and within a week i had to let it out... it longed to be outside. All cats do! And it came back, and became a very happy and stable inside/outside cat. And it was declawed!!
    Promise me you'll let it out???

  2. And another thing... i'm willing to bet your family let it out when you were in Japan!!!! I never told the previous owner i let the cat out... Think about it, it's always at the door? It wants out.... it needs out... it's destined to be outside!!!!

  3. YAY! I'm so excited that you guys are reunited... That's the best thing I've heard in awhile. :) He looks like Hobie too, so I know he's a cool cat ;)

    Life is just not as fulfilling w/out a critter to call your own... Just MHO, of course :D

  4. You can have 'im.

    I'm just sayin'....

  5. JJ does seem to know about doors and that if he stays there long enough he will get his way.

    I like that saying "you never own a cat, it owns you". Something like that anyway. :)

  6. Even with all of our vet bills and worries lately, I wouldn't give up being a pet parent for anything. Right now our two cats are next to me trying in vain to jump into my lap. I couldn't live without any of them.

  7. that right-hand picture of jj is how i feel when i go to the vet also.

  8. i've always wondered about that quarantine thing. how dreadful for the animals! my nephew worked for an airline as a baggage guy while he was in college ~ said some of the animals were having a terrible time of flying. and then to go into 6 months quarantine???? ugh. poor babies.

    it is nice, isn't it, to have a soft, warm, furry thing curl up against the legs at night :-)

  9. OK he's standing at the door because he doesn't realize that you know that he doesn't go out. As for actually letting him out? No. Forget it. All of your neighbors have lawn service, all the prey is infested with lice and worms and god only knows what else. There's absolutely no reason for him to go out, ever. Outdoor cats get hit by cars, nasty kids pick on them and torture them, stray cats fight with them, dogs..let's not even go there...

    No. No going out.