Thursday, September 6, 2007


I'm packing tonight and I'm getting to the point where you go, I have underwear, I have a toothbrush, pretty much nothing else matters. Tomorrow I'm off to DC for the first time ever. I'm excited. Everyone cross your collective fingers for safe travel. Although I'm not sure that should be my biggest worry; my airline boasts a 30% on-time record on their website. I wish I could get it right 30% of the time at work and call it good.

Yesterday I locked my cat in my clothes closet for ten hours while I was at work. I open up the door in the morning to peruse and kvetch and wonder what I should wear, and while I'm thinking, he darts in and hides in the back. I don't even notice him going in. When I come home at night I can hear a tiny, far away meow, which I follow upstairs and around the corner to the closet. And I think - crap. I did it again.

Just to be perfectly clear, the post below is about JERRY LEWIS. Not me.

And finally, I admit that I might have made another donation to Hillary for a chance to win lunch with her and Bill. Might. Maybe. It's a possibility. I'll let you know what they serve.


  1. My cat has spent the day in the closet before too while I've been at work. Little buggers! Serves them right..or me for actually closing my closet door (rarity for me).

    Have a most excellent time in D.C.!

  2. I've passed through DC a couple of times, but I've never stayed there. I did stand in nerd-awe on the front steps of the Supreme Court for a while, though, which I recommend.

    My family once thought our cat had escaped for good, when we found him 2 days later dozing in the Christmas tree (he was tiny and got a little too high and deep for us to spot.) I swear cats hide on purpose, to manipulate you emotionally.

  3. Listen, pumpkin.....the cat's supposed to be in the cradle....not the closet. The closet is no place to spend any time, believe you me.

  4. The closet might be OK for puss but never again. Although I wasn't 'in it' for very long.

    By the time you read this you will probably be back. Quick, I think puss might be stuck in the laundry hamper. :)

  5. One of our cats has spent the day in the bedroom closet a few times. I think he's learned now - or we have.

  6. um. 30%, eh? not too hot. hope you're not still sitting on a runway somewhere.

    kitty kitty. poor kitty. first time i heard Mo meow was when i closed him between the storm door and the front door. :-)

    safe trip.

  7. Im packing for Japan right now (you know, between blog readings) and I need that "a toothbrush, underwear, and Im all set!" My luggage is already 20 pounds over.

  8. Oh, sweet little pumpkin! =^.^=