Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back, But Not For Long

Pittsburgh was really beautiful, the three rivers and all. It reminded me a lot of the city I live in now in Upstate, but bigger and with more to do. This bugged me though: locals kept comparing it to NYC, as in, "What's great about Pittsburgh is that you can walk downtown without bumping into a thousand other people, like in New York" or "What's great about Pittsburgh is that you can walk from one end of town to another in fifteen minutes. You can't do that in New York." And, no, they didn't think I was from the City. They're just delusional or something. They kept referring to Pitts as, "the biggest little city in America." Ok, that's cool, tell yourself whatever you need to. Anyway, I did like it. Downtown was clean and the skyline is beautiful. I'm looking forward to future trips so I can explore more. Last night we went to a great place that I'd never heard of called The Melting Pot (sorry about the sound). Great martinis, crazy wine list, and wonderful dessert. Is it wrong to tip over 30% because the waiter is cute?

So back to the grind for a few more days. Tomorrow I'm going to dress up in scrubs and a surgeon's hat for Halloween. Why not play along? (I dressed up in this easy costume in years past . . . why do people assume I'm a nurse? Not that there's anything wrong with that. But if I was a guy, would they see my scrubs and assume I'm a doctor? Just asking.)

What a total let down for my mom to go back to the Pacific Northwest. I keep telling myself that housing is totally unaffordable in Seattle, and the commute would be terrible. Right? At work next year I'll have the option of buying a fifth week of vacation, so I'm just going to plan on doing that to ensure that I'm out there with family as often as possible. Plus, my nephew needs his auntie.

An Englishman in Osaka said it very well today. And that first comment is a gem.

Finally, The Cat has discovered the keyboard and throws himself on it while I'm trying to type. He purrs like crazy and acts like he's in love. I do miss the baby when I'm away. That's probably a good sign.


  1. Never been to sounds lovely! Happy and safe travels. If I'd had more time to prepare, we'd have made up a costume for ourselves for tomorrow......

  2. Housing IS incredibly expensive in Seattle ... but there are still some places to be found.

    You KNOW you want to move here ... :)

  3. is it really that expensive here? coming from CA it seems affordable to me. at least here i can buy a house. not in CA.

    if you were a guy and dressed in that costume they'd assume you were a doc. and yes, that's wrong of them.

  4. nephews do need their aunties, tis true. i know you'll make the right decision.

    pittsburg never occurred to me as a place to visit.