Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Fine. About 25 or 30 people today all commented on my costume and every single one said I looked good as a doctor.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Funny. Just today I was wearing my white nursing student uniform, and one of my patients insisted on calling me "doctor," even after I corrected him several times. I guess maybe men really do have it easier sometimes.

  2. That's it, from now you shall be know as 'Doc' or 'The Doctor'. I think you should change your "posted by" to one of those options. lol Don't hesitate, just do it! :D

    Dave you are looking too hot. I'll call you Doc if you want. "Excuse me doctor but I need you to take a look at this" Hell yeah. <:D-

  3. Just take the doctor's paycheck and call it good. I mean, you can wear the costume if you want...but it's really the nice paycheck that will put the smile on your face.

  4. momentary progress. wear it again, i'm sure everyone will be back to assuming you're the nurse. fucking world. you just caught it on the half step forward . . .