Monday, January 21, 2008

Bob Excels in Prioritizing Objectives

OH my GOD, I've been working on employee reviews for the past 72 hours almost non-stop. I have about another four or so hours to put into it before I'm done, but I'm afraid I'm done. Tomorrow I head to Pittsburgh for three days and I have to pack tonight and be ready to leave from work mid-day. I'm always convinced that I'm going to forget something vital, like shirts, and I'll have to call in sick and stay in the hotel all day. Actually the hotel I'm staying at is pretty sweet, so that wouldn't be as bad as it sounds. But somebody would surely be mad. The Pitts airport has decent shopping and a massage place I'd like to try, so maybe let's cross our fingers for a return delay on Thursday.

I'm having a hard time feeling like life is fun lately. We're in the middle of tax season (hmmm . . . her job has something to do with taxes) and I don't like it. I love learning something new and the processes are really interesting to me, but tax season means everyone works obscene overtime and no one bats an eyelash or has any expectation of doing otherwise. Usually OT (and by "OT" I mean extra unpaid hours) means accomplishing something big or finishing a project. Right now it just means it's Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. I don't like it.

Someone is taking a leave of absence at work so it appears that I get to keep my job longer than originally thought, although for an undetermined (or unannounced) period of time. It's frustrating, and I feel like I'm in limbo. I feel like I'm waiting for a bus or something and I don't know when it will arrive or if it's even coming to my stop. I guess I'm supposed to be grateful. It's kind of pissing me off actually.

At the end of the month I head to Philly and then NYC to attend Mika concerts. Yay, Mika! As of weeks ago I've stopped listening to his CD so I don't get overly sick of it, and last week Love Today came on the radio while I was driving to work. I almost jumped out the window of my car and ran around in the street. I can't wait for the concerts. I know I'll love them.

I don't know, I guess that's all. When does the fun part start?

(P.S. Best thing I've seen in a while here. I sure love Dan. And Bill. Arrogance masquerading as humility. Yep. Thanks, JMG.)


  1. Funny - Scott has been working on reviews non-stop for about the same amount of time ...

    And I'm hating tax season/budgeting season/fiscal year-end season all happening at the same time. I feel your OT ("unpaid time") pain ...

    The fun part? It starts now. I think you should put little cocktail umbrellas in your coffee cup and wear your hair in a ponytail on the right side of your head. Or maybe the left. Or the top.

  2. ugh. that doesn't sound like fun at all. i hope the fun shows up quick!

  3. I hate taxes. Don't keep that job too long if your future remains in limbo. Limbo sucks. Playing limbo sucks. Everything about limbo sucks. Take charge of the situation. This might be a great opportunity to go find something "cooler" to do.

    Mika concert? Wow.