Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolution: 2008 Will Be My Bitch

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu! I was hoping to post some resolutions tonight, but I'm tired and my brain hurts. I had a friend visit over the new year weekend and we had a great time, but it's left me with a lot to think about. We met five years ago in Japan and part of the visit here was spent talking about that time and going through old pictures. The visit was fun, but it ended strangely, I've felt kind of overwhelmed since he left. I'm not sure if it was the intense walk down memory lane, or having had a housemate for a while and now having an empty house again or what. I have a lot of thinking (or feeling) to do about that one.

One thing I know for sure, 2008 is mine. 2007 was good, we had some laughs, and I might even call it again if I get lonely or something. But I'm ready to move on and appreciate the feel of a fresh start. I wish I could articulate my resolutions more concretely, but all I know right now is that I want to have just a little bit more peace, health, fun, love, travel, and growth in 2008. Enough for myself and then a little bit of overflow to share with others.


  1. the transition from one year to the next is never predictable. some years i'm incredibly inspired and excited; others it's kind of ho hum. this is one of the hummers . . . maybe that's good because 2007 sucked. 2008 can't get anything but better :-) hugs, sweetie.

  2. I hope 2008 brings you all of those things you mentioned and if not then most of them.
    Take care, Denys.

  3. More happy days than sad ones. That's all we can hope for.

  4. Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! Kotoshi wa ganbate kudasai yo!

    I haven't speak Japanese for a while, hope it actually made sense, LOL If not, have a great 2008.

  5. i thought of you this morning when the urge came upon me to change my entire life :-)

    2008 is becoming my bitch. i was just on a short time delay. travel travel travel. get to the gym in the morning. meditate. easy things that i let slide all the time.

    hugs to you, cupcake. hope you are well.

  6. Love the humor.

    Yeah, 2008 and I are committed to making this the best year yet.


  7. I LOVE that. You have some serious kahones (sp?), so it only makes sense that you make 2008 your bitch. ;)

    Sorry I haven't been in touch, I will send a note at least, or hopefully call you in the next couple days... Thanks so much for the Xmas stuff and all the postcards from Europe!!! Love you Miss.

  8. PS, please share a bit of your overflow with me, if you don't mind... I could use some of that stuff too. :)