Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Society is Pressuring Me to Find One of These

Most Eligible Bachelor indeed.


  1. can anyone say "ted bundy"? looks don't matter when it comes to this kind of mentality.

    what an asshole.

  2. If "society" is pressuring you to get one of those then you're getting out more than I am. Society and me - we're not talking.

    What a story, though! He'll probably make a fortune from the TV movie rights.

  3. Shows you how wrong our society is, eh?

    I started to think that any man that shows interests to children, who were not his own, for more than 15 minutes should be suspecious for being a sexual predator to kids.

    Greg, maybe you just need to take Society out for a coffee? Tell him I said hi, he used to be my ex. :D

  4. Indeed! And what a shocker, an attorney! Maybe he needs one of those jail house babes to snuggle up to...hope he gets a room mate soon.