Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Common Ground

I have been almost levitating with excitement over the news of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra's trip to North Korea. They say the Orchestra started out with both countries' anthems, and ended receiving three standing ovations from the audience. Amazing. And the American and North Korean flags stood side by side on the stage during the performance. I would go to North Korea in five seconds if I had the chance.

It has set my imagination wandering almost constantly this week over what it would be like to be in Pyongyang, and what it would be like to connect with people whose lives are so different from my own. I've also been thinking of my trip to South Korea a few months before leaving Japan in 2006. Visiting Seoul and the DMZ is one of the travel highlights of my whole life.

Here are posts from my trip - Dorasan, the train station to nowhere, my DMZ tour, and my visit to the stunning Korean War Museum.

(Note: OMG, it's slightly possible to go to N. Korea via China! Rare, but they do issues VISAs!)


  1. sure. go to n korea, but kim jong il will throw you in prison, feeding you nothing but ants and sewer water, taking you out of your manacles once a day to force you to perform the 'dance of the crazy bear' for him and his retinue, while he laughs maniacally from his throne of human skulls.

  2. Wow, d... you've watched "Team America: World Police" too many times. LOL

    Anyways, LSL, love the two photos that you got from the Korean War Museum. Those "honest mistakes" should happen more often. :D

  3. I'm just like you....more excited than ever. But that's what music does for uniting people. I love that. And having been on the DMZ and singing myself adds to the excitement!

  4. N. Korea. What a fascinating experience that would be. It's like walking into the abyss-- except Kim Jong Crazy is there to welcome you. Interesting nonetheless.

  5. The NY Philharmonic in Korea story really moved me, too. What a beautiful, unifying tool music can be.