Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pants at Eleven

Just two things tonight:
  1. Having never purchased them before, I suddenly feel the need to stock up on forty-pound bags of rice.
  2. Has anyone else noticed that on there are small icons to the right of many "Latest News" headlines that allow you to purchase a t-shirt of the headline? You, too, can have, "Sinkhole gulps entire lane of highway" on your chest. Why no shirt for "US Marine in Japan charged with rape" or "Ethics committee scolds GOP senator"? Is this weird at best?


  1. i keep wanting to go out and buy huge quantities of rice also. even though i rarely eat rice.

    i think the headline t-shirt thing is awesome! weird, yes. but awesome.

  2. I will stick with my I'm not gay but my boyfriend (who would be my husband)is T- Shirt ...either that or my I am with stoopid with the arrow pointing left or right.