Monday, May 5, 2008

100 Things That Make Me Happy That Don't Cost Money

Here is me working on one of my 43 Things goals. These are damn hard to come up with, and it's obviously the Summer Edition. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with ten things during the winter (as winters go here), so maybe by October I'll be ready to do a Winter Edition. Feel free to give me more ideas - I'm a little stuck in the 50's.
  1. Walking around the high school track on a sunny day
  2. Reading a chapter of a good book
  3. Walk around the duck pond
  4. Do twenty minutes on my elliptical (I'm happy afterwards, not during)
  5. Listen to Mika or other happy music on my iPod
  6. Watch Sex & the City reruns on DVD
  7. Watch TV with the cat on me
  8. Trim and tend to my flowers
  9. Walk to the park benches in town
  10. Sit outside in the sun and relax

  11. Put together a puzzle in the dining room
  12. Go through pictures of my vacations
  13. Write letters to my grandma, to Japanese friends, to friends stateside
  14. Text people (I like receiving texts)
  15. Look through all the mementos on my bulletin board
  16. Read through old letters I've received
  17. Vacuum, pick up around the house (it feels good afterwards)
  18. Do laundry (I like it)
  19. Slick up my baby-soft feet with lotion
  20. Read country-specific travel books like novels, front to back

  21. Watch YouTube videos of my nephew
  22. Writing in my journal for twenty minutes, listing my worries and leaving them behind in the process
  23. Calling a friend on the phone - it feels great to connect with friends
  24. Going through my blog faves that I've saved from everyone. (Yes, I've cut and pasted my faves from you people into Word docs and saved them on my PC. Is that wrong? I give everyone proper credit, and they're just for me. I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when Brando up and disappeared and took his archives with him. Sometime I'll do a post with my favorites from everyone. And actually, Brando is back here, so that kind of makes my point moot. Thanks, Brando.) (Boo. Now Caveat Emptor will make this relevant again.)
  25. Light candles and chill myself out
  26. Take an Hour Power Shower
  27. Catch up on all the funny twitter-ers. You crazy kids.
  28. Get a bag of clothes together and deliver it to Good Will at Weggies
  29. Post something on my blog - an old picture, a story, anything; just get it out
  30. Take my camera and go looking for something unique to take a picture of for my blog

  31. Check my mail at the post office (This contributes to happiness only if there is good mail in there! There often is.)
  32. Get out the love notes from my Japanese kids - instant happiness
  33. Listen to Dane Cook (I can't help it, it's a guaranteed laugh)
  34. Troll around Cute Overload and look at the cuddly babies
  35. Watch one of my favorite episodes of Scrubs (probably My Boss's Free Haircut)
  36. Listen to a This American Life episode
  37. Slowly read through one of my travel magazines and picture myself in every location
  38. Write a thankful list in my journal
  39. Read my list of favorite quotes - something on there always inspires me to try to be a better person
  40. Read Dilbert comics and laugh at the absurdity of life in a cube (Calvin and Hobbes also works to lighten the mood)

  41. Watch my Felicity DVDs beginning to end - OMG, will she choose Ben or Noel?
  42. Remember that I live in a country that has Target. Instant appreciation.
  43. Go over to my sister's for dinner! Happy and free.
  44. Watch Suze Orman. You're denied, boyfriend!
  45. Learn to say "I love you" in ten different languages
  46. Visit our local art museum (Free! Suggested donation only - isn't that great?)
  47. Listen to the Les Miserables soundtrack
  48. Cook dinner using forgotten ingredients from the back of the cupboard
  49. Play a board game with my sister and BIL


  1. I loved reading this. More, please. :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for noticing me.

    Hello, LSL.

  3. Very inspiring, I might work on one of these for myself. Is listing every park available to visit for free cheating?

  4. Is this list half finished or half unfinished???

  5. you are most welcome! and this is like list heaven.

  6. ok sooooo 1) YAY Les Mis soundtrack

    2) Love the duck ponds that are scattered around cities , growing up in Allentown, Pa. we had one that was walking distance from my house.
    3) sitting in the sun always makes me feel better too , especially if I have a great book.