Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunshine, Blue Skies

I finished up jury duty at 11:00 on Monday and took today off of work. For the last day and a half I've pretty much just been digging around potting plants and enjoying the sun. It's easy to feel carefree and peaceful in weather like this. It has made me so happy - it's perfectly perfect perfection. Today I got quite a bit of sun on my face, which I love. I do worship the sun god, it's true.

This afternoon I had my second acupuncture appointment with my new guy. He's pretty funny, and the treatment is heavenly, but every time it starts the same way: "Let me see your tongue . . . good . . . how are your bowels?" I don't know. They're ok. How are yours?

I'm updating my resume (hate doing that) and applying for a few jobs here and there. I hate looking for a job. After my stressful situation in Japan and my ten-month job search here in NY, I feel guilty for wanting something other than what I have. And I feel ashamed that I hate my current situation - like I struggled to get out of a bad relationship and then got right back into another bad relationship. I enjoy what I do . . . I wish I could write details - details! - and purge it all out, but alas, the Internets are a small world. Maybe my next list will be 100 jobs that I would gladly do. Anderson Cooper's Personal Assistant would be in the top ten. Backstreet Boys Backup Dancer. Seashell Collector. Cookie Taster.

The hillbillies in the house next door have taken to riding a jet ski-like thing on wheels for hours and hours every night. It's so peaceful to sit on my porch reading a book and have someone suddenly start a chainsaw an inch behind my ear. That's what it sounds like.

I'm still too traumatized by the trial to write about it. That surprises me, but it's true. I'm proud of myself for doing my civic duty; I'm glad I did it. It was very, very difficult. And I'm really sick of every person (without exception) asking me why I didn't get out of it and telling me they would have. How clever, I never thought of getting out of it. But I did it and got a terrible, terrible trial and I need some time to have it get further behind me. Just a little further and then I'll feel better.


  1. Sunshine really is great medicine, isn't it? I hope you are wearing sunblock! ;)

    I'd like to be an ice cream taster. And a professional hugger.

  2. poor woman. I'm proud of you for doing your duty, but yeah, yuck. My dad had to sit jury on a murder trial a few years ago. It took him awhile to get over it.

  3. Gardening sounds like a healing thing to do right now, after your recent experience. I'm glad you're looking after yourself with that and the acupuncture (I've only tried it once and it was fantastic - and I hate needles). I'll let you know if any cookie-tasting jobs come up on this side of the Atlantic.

  4. Hey, as long as you're updating that resume, I hear the Peace Corps is looking for people.

    BTW, this begins my "somehow mention the Peace Corps in the comments of every LSL post until I wear her down and she signs up" campaign. Get used to it!

  5. Neighbours can make life hell eh?

    On work, we spend so much time there but odds are if you aren't happy there, it's not worth it.

  6. I think you need a more cosmopolitan city. (Have I not said that before? Yeeeees.) And maybe one out west. (Travel to see the sibling's budgin!)

    See, your internet fans are always right, eveennnnntually.

    (Just ask Ms Siz. Like she ever sees sunshine! But did I not support her move north? Yes I did.: )

  7. I'm a total sun-worshiper, too! I love that photo--heavenly springtime in the back of a car. It made me smile right away.

  8. Enjoy the sun, but not a sun worshipper like you are.... and I love that first day or two of nice weather when the car has new plants in it. And, I must admit, my acupuncture dude also asks me the same questions and even more. Must be something they learn in poking school.

  9. I didn't get out of my jury duty either, for the record... :) Sounds like your trial may have been more yucky than mine though.... Aren't you allowed to talk about it once it's over BTW? Or perhaps you just would rather not... Or maybe you have by now and I just haven't gotten to it yet because I'm The Royal Procrastination Queen. :p