Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going Home

I'm leaving for Seattle in the morning. OH MY GOD, I hate packing. God, I'm terrible at it, too. I just know I'm going to end up on this trip with 800 Motrin and no underwear. Frick.

My cat is absolutely beside himself that I would even think of leaving for a week. I've been treated to all kinds of chilly behavior lately, and god knows there will be hell to pay when I return. (He is the lump underneath the guest bed cover.)

We've had terrible, cloudy weather here lately so I'm headed to Seattle to - that's correct - escape the rain.

And one more thing. What is UP with preparing to leave work for 6 days? I've been getting ready for the last three weeks, and it's still complete chaos there. Earlier this week someone said to me, "I hope your workload hasn't kept you from getting excited about your trip." I gave him the far away stare and realized that it's been years and years since I've been able to get excited for a trip. I definitely get excited once I'm on the plane, but I guess I do remember that there used to be excitement leading up to the trip, too. Anyway, this week and especially today was a just a blurr of me sprinting from one meeting to the next and trying to put notes together for someone to take over where I've left off. God. Business is so self-important, isn't it?

So I know I'll be overwhelmed with anticipation once the cabin door closes. I mean, after the anxiety attack, of course. Oh, screw it. I'm in a terrible mood, aren't I? HERE I COME, SEATTLE!


  1. Hey, you know what would be a trip you could really get excited about? Leaving for your first Peace Corps assignment. I know, I'm falling a little behind on this project.

  2. Hey, you know, underwear are highly overrated anyway. Let it go.

  3. Welcome home to the great Pacific Northwest! :-)

  4. Oh, only we Westcoaster will understand your joke with Seattle and the rain. Vancouver has been having very nice weather lately, so I think Seattle should be rain-free for a little while.

    Thank god you mentioned that it's your cat underneath the cover of the bed. For a moment there I thought you were such a sloppy bed-maker. XD

    Have a great time at Seattle! You should come pay a visit in Vancouver, I can show you around. I'm serious!

  5. I love how single gals have all the male readers! I mean, we are boring, us ring-on-the-left-hand types, but still!

    Anyway. Have fun when you get there. I never get excited before either; too dang much to do.

    And cats. How do they know? But they KNOW. They so totally know.

    Have a great time, and then move back west where you belong (nag that I am.)

  6. hey there...came to you from Matterdays. I see you met him in Seattle, how very cool. Just wanted to say hi. hope your travels are going well...