Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Snippets

*I had an amazing time Friday night at my very first David Wilcox concert. I saw him at a local art theater that had about 80 seats, so it was very intimate. I've been listening to David for about ten years, and his wonderful, witty folk music has truly been a part of every major decision I made during that time. There just aren't a lot of videos of him up, but here is David singing and telling stories, and here is one of my faves. Here is one of his best. When he came out and immediately sat down on the front of the stage a few feet away from me, I thought I would start levitating around the room. His voice is crystal clear, and his hippie, laid back vibe was just what the doctor ordered. It always is. Add to that one of the best laughs you'll hear (at 1:57); the concert was easily one of the best I've ever seen.

*Rick Steves is blogging from Iran, where he is taping a television show at the request of the United Nations. How cool is that.

*When is Taco Bell a good idea? When? Never? Right.

*Please do not allow me to purchase episodes of Sex & the City on iTunes; I have the entire series on DVD downstairs. There is no need to purchase these! Don't let me.

*My new favorite blog is Matt Logelin's. I recommend getting a cup of coffee, turning off your cell phone, and then starting here. After that, you might want to get your credit card out and send just a few dollars to Madeline here. When you're all finished, I suggest finding someone you love and making sure they know it.

*On Friday night I had another long, detailed dream about the trial. This time the deliberations were over, we had returned our verdict, and we had come together several weeks later for a party. We were all tucked away in the deliberation room, but it was kind of a house, too, and the Assistant District Attorney was there . . . wearing a cape. (I did think he was pretty amazing.) We were all laughing and giggling and celebrating, and we were also kind of saying goodbye to each other. I took a long time getting ready in the bathroom (that damn jury bathroom), and when I finally came out, everyone was very friendly and was happy to see me. I woke up confused, wondering what was real. As soon as I got my wits about me, I wondered if that would be the end of the trial night terrors. It just seemed like it was all a very final goodbye.

*I head to Seattle on Friday for a week of pure family-seeing, furry-headed nephew-loving, Tillamook Ice Cream-eating, downtown Seattle-cruising, old and new friends catching-uping, cloudy summer sky-gazing, Pike Place Market-strolling heaven. I admit, it's pretty easy to start your work week when you know it will end with you zerberting a tiny little nephew neck. I can't wait.


  1. I clicked on Matt Logelin's blog and now I know I am going to have to read the whole thing. What ave you done to me!? :)

    Taco Bell is really only a "good idea" when you are drunk and all your ideas are dumb.

    Hope we get the chance to catch up when you are in the PNW but regardless, I hope you have a great trip.

  2. zerberts! i'm checking out david wilcox. today. promise.

    don't be hatin' on the taco bell. i rarely eat fast food, but when it do, it's tb. i love that shit.

    have fun in seattle.

  3. There's nothing like live cool music. Nothing. Glad you had fun. And as for Taco Bell, I concur. It's horrible.

  4. That baby blog is heartbreaking. But I'm glad you shared it. Thank you.

  5. OMG! David Wilcox AND Rick Steves! Two of my favorites! Where have you been all my life? Thanks to Matterdays, I'm saving you to my list of favorite blogs.

  6. I found your blog through the Life Serial blog and I've now ordered a Colin Hay CD thanks to this entry! And, I'm voting Republican!!!!