Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good, Bad, Ugly

This week has been stressful, and I'm really looking forward to finishing it up tomorrow night with a great concert that I've been waiting for several years to see. More on that after.

I've been having nightmares again about various things, and while it's not all that uncommon for me, it's a drag. Last night in the middle of the night I remembered that I left a downstairs window open, but I couldn't wake myself up enough to go close the damn thing. (Before that stupid trial, I didn't really care if I left the windows open. Just so you know.) So instead I just went back to sleep and had a bad dream about someone breaking in.

I don't want to go to sleep lately. I don't understand it. If I'm sleep deprived on a certain day, and it's a fairly safe bet that on any given day there will be a degree of sleep deprivation, I think of my cozy bed all day long and promise myself that I'll go to bed early that night. But when I'm home and actually getting ready for bed, I find myself wasting time on the Internet, cleaning up around the house, just doing anything to put it off. I guess it's normal to not want to go to sleep if you have nightmares. I'm just frustrated by it.

Tonight I decided to place my order for the cool stuff I won in Dave's Blogiversary contest. I have to say it gave me a little lift to just be looking around at all the cool stuff he has, and it made me feel really lucky when I saw the total cost of the items that I won. I can't believe the extent of my swag! Dave is a really giving person - you get that almost immediately when reading his blog. And his stuff is just cool. I love the buttons, and I have four right here by my computer that have been here for the past year since TequilaCon 2007. It just cheers me up a little to look through his store at all the treats and not have to worry about $$. Hopefully tonight I'll have great dreams of playing lots of games with my new playing cards. Pictures when I receive the shipment.

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  1. How horrible, LSL. I'm sorry about the bad dreams, and the reason. You can borrow one of my stuffed Eeyores if you like - they make everything okay.

    And how cool about winning the Blogiversary contest! Looking forward to the pictures.