Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Matter Day

My vacation in Seattle was good but exhausting. I loved seeing my family, but I admit that I felt overwhelmed for a good part of the time with the memories and ghosts that, unfortunately, are associated with going home. I got a lot of time with the cutest nephew ever (a few updates on Flikr here, but you will probably lose your mind over the lip-puckering cuteness), and hung out with little brother, favorite SIL, NY sister, and my mom.

I got out one afternoon briefly to see my beloved Seattle alone. I hung out around Pioneer Square and Pike Place, and just fell in love - again - with the most beautiful city on earth. I people watched and snapped pictures like a tourist, and got mesmerized looking at the sun over the water. I ate gelato at this little slice of heaven, and got more stuff from Tuuli that I don't know what to do with. I looked for my good friend Wild Ginger (don't tell me Typhoon! took it over?) and passed the Lusty Lady on my way to find the sculpture that I love, the Hammering Man. I tried to stock up on Japanese paper at de Medici Ming, but it was closed, but I did happen across a new find while looking for old friends. I practically levitated into the Elliott Bay Book Company, and started my Christmas shopping where I always do, at Fireworks. Finally, I watched flying fish being caught, and rubbed the pig for good luck - hoping hard for the kind of luck that brings me back to Seattle again soon.

Later on in the week I sneaked out again, quickly and unexpectedly, and was able to make last-minute plans with a friend for lunch.

Meeting Matt from Matterdays for lunch was truly a highlight of my time in Seattle. I really wanted to meet Matt, but I'm kind of nervous and itchy in person, so it took getting up my guts a bit. Matt ended up being, of course, so gracious and friendly. I got lost multiple times on the way to his office, and he acted like we'd known each other and I'd been getting lost on the way to his office for years. We got yummy burritos and sat in a park and swapped stories about blogging, families, growing up, cameras (yes, they matched, and yes, it was a sign) and more.

So here's the inside scoop: Matt is funny (very dry) and kind and very easy to talk with. He's has a really beautiful voice. He is honestly even cuter in person than in blog pictures, if that's possible. I'm not kidding. (Hands off, boys, he's taken.) And I guess I'll just admit that by the time we finished up and I was walking back to my rental car, I had already picked out the apartments that I will live in and the night of the week that he and I will have a drink each week after work.


  1. I so very much wish we could have hung out. Stupid work getting in the way of me licking you again. ;) I kid. Glad you had some highlights. This is a very beautiful city, isn't it?

  2. Wow. *blush* That was an ego boost! Thanks. :)

    And Wild Ginger is still here, but they moved - they're on 3rd Avenue and Union Street, by Benaroya Hall. You were pretty close when you said hi to Hammering Man.

  3. Still sad that I couldn't meet up with you when you were here. Sigh. Maybe next time. :-(

  4. Great post title. He looks like a lovely bloke and you look like my cousin Chrissie in that photo; similar smile. Checked out the photos of your nephew. He is a good looking kid. I imagine as a young man he will have women falling for him especially with those eyes. I love the look of love on nana's face too.

  5. yeah, Matt's a good one. And..hey! I've seen that picture somewhere before!

  6. You and Matt together! Two of my favorite bloggers. I want to get in on that lunch next time!

  7. Another blogger and blogger encounter! Good for you guys! :D

  8. It is nice to see YOU in a photo for a change. Lovely, indeed. And Matters is a cute one.

  9. In June? No question. Most beautiful city in America.

    All Hail Rain Town.

    Sonny Amou