Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Good Start

I'm trying to stop the spinning, spinning, spinning that is going on in my brain lately. You kids have posted such thoughtful comments. Thank you. I am leaning towards buying the house, but I'm hoping to let it unfold over the next several days. If I take the plunge, you guys are all going to come up here and help me move, right?

Part of stopping the spinning is trying to find some ways to get OUT of my brain. I started thinking about it while exchanging a few e-mails with d. I desperately need to shake it up a bit, just find my way back to . . . myself. So I'm working on it.

I had therapy today and then on the way home I stopped at a new nail salon that recently opened up right next to my house. Just my luck, (truly), they had a mani/pedi special, ($25 - this is unheard of) so I chose fire engine red and put my buns in the massage chair. I'm not so much into manis, but I love pedis. The color turned out well - it's much darker than it looks in the picture - but my favorite part by far is the foot massage. A very relaxing two hours that I would have spent sitting at home worrying about everything. This was much better.


  1. you know i have a foot fetish, don't you? you've done nothing but fuel the fire! as for the house...keep it simple...keep it real. nothing complicated.

  2. I am so much more a pedi girl than a mani. Glad you treated yourself. Two hours? I think I am going to the wrong salon!

  3. TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS for a mani AND pedi??? I am definitely going to the wrong salon! Very nice color :)

  4. Isn't that "Jungle Red"? :)

    Sounds luxurious and just what you needed. (I didn't comment yet, but I'm leaning towards you buying the place if everything falls in the right order!)

  5. you know you're gonna freak out no matter which decision you make, so go with your gut and then just enjoy it. new places to live are always fun.

  6. I can't help to start singing "let's start from the very beginning, as it is a good place to start" when I read the title of the entry...

    Quick, someone control Lewis from above, he's attacking LSL's feet!