Saturday, August 30, 2008


Tomorrow I'm off for a week in Hawaii. I'm packing tonight and feeling a lot of nerves about flying. I've loaded up the iPod with about 1,000 hours of movies and tv shows so I will be sufficiently distracted on the plane.

Best part: during a brief layover in Seattle I'm hoping to see my little nephew. Next best part: one of my best friends is waiting for me in HI and we're going to vacation together. Also very good: Matsumoto shave ice.

While I'm there I'll be sending all good vibes to our friends in New Orleans that Gustav will somehow pass them by. Aloha!


  1. Have a great trip and thanks for the good vibes. We can really use them about now!

  2. Holy smokes, NY is a long way from HI! Good journey thoughts.

  3. That looks an idyllic scene and just what I could do with myself. I took 3 weeks off this Summer and all of them in almost perpetual rain. I hope you have a great time. I'm so pleased for you it's taking the edge off my jealousy... :)

  4. OK ...I am standing here beside myself wee on Oahu and you couldn't even email me to have me call you at a local # while there....... Now I am sad. Hope you had a great vaca seriously.