Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Parked my Car in Harvard Yard

I had a good time in Boston last week. It's a great city - pretty easy to get around and lots to do. I spent time at the Museum of Fine Arts, and all around Beacon Hill. I did a little shopping and ate great Mexican food at Fajitas & 'Ritas. I also did a city tour and walked that freaking long Freedom Trail. A few pics here.

I was in Boston for a class about giving effective presentations. I signed up because I knew it would be out of my comfort zone, and it was. Argh, it's hard - but extremely important - to do something that makes me uncomfortable. I really noticed my age on this trip - it's so strange to be aware of getting older. I ate dinner with a colleague and we talked about the latest work dramas. I was specifically aware of how he has so much more energy than I have, despite us being close in age (assumption). Later in the evening he mentioned that he's 26. TWENTY-SIX! Does 26 even exist anymore? That was eleven years ago for me. I'm glad I'm not that age anymore - the real secret is that it just keeps getting better and better, isn't it? But there is something strange that goes on where I picture myself a certain age, it's always mid-twenties, and I just don't get older in my mind. That is, until my back hurts, or the music is too loud, or I'm traveling in a great, new city and after a while I just want my own bed.


  1. OK so I am ssssooooo with ya n the whole age thing, I never even consider the fact that I am 42 gonna be 43 this year , until the body reminds me, or when one of my neices /nephews has another b'day first nephew turned 20 last month 20!!!!!!!WTF any way your own bed is always better than anything in the world when you get home huh??

  2. If its any consolation, you're always 18 in my mind :)

    I get the same feeling when chatting it up with the 20-somethings at work. I feel like I'm still their age, then I realize that I am not. Its always a shock. (Sometimes to them too, but thats the good side.)

  3. Oh my god, can I totally relate about the age thinig. I'm about to go back to school on Tuesday--please, oh, please don't let me be the oldest one in the class!!!

    Funny thing. My mother and I were discussing the recent political polls and I mentioned that I heard a pollster on NPR saying that most polls are conducted over land lines. I mentioned that a whole portion of the electorate is being excluded. "Lots of younger voters like me don't even have a land line anymore." said I, to which she replied "Michael, you're going to be 40 in October. You're not a younger voter anymore."


  4. Michael - I love this story! Exactly my point. Scary, isn't it?!?

  5. Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

    I just LOVE the title of this entry. Took me a minute but once I 'got' it, I laughed out loud.

    I'll be reading you!