Monday, September 29, 2008

Odds & Ends

*Today was my ninth or tenth tattoo appointment - I lost track.  I had to go to a new doc this time and it's been a totally different experience.  No blood.  Still a hell of a lot of pain. Last one? One more?

*Isn't that Sarah girl great?

*Autumn came on so fast. Last week was sunny and breezy and blue sky and mild, and this week it's all rain and 55° and leaves on the ground.  

*I'm so glad the 700 billion bailout didn't pass!

*I hate Facebook.  What is up with it?  It's all I can do to keep up with the friends I *want* to be in touch with.

*I'm studying for week three of my Dale Carne.gie class.  So far it's good, but a little intense for me right now.  I'll let you know if I'm a great public speaker at the end of this thing.

*A few weeks ago I attended the Out & Equa.l conference in Austin, TX, and now I'm trying to get our ERG (Employee Resource Group) going locally.  (My company is celebrating Coming Out Day next week - how cool is that?) The conference was unreal - unbelievably kind, smart, open people all coming together to figure out how we can take more steps in advancing civil rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered folks. I learned a ton.  Favorite speakers: Kate Clinton (my first time seeing her), Carson Kressley (yay!), Michael Guest (love him), Microsoft's Megan Wallent, who struck me as the essence of a leader, the amazing Anne Wynne of Atticus Circle, and Judy Shepherd.  It was surreal listening to Judy.  She carries the weight of her story in her eyes, in her voice, in her presence.  It was an honor to sit in the same room with her.  What a wonderful experience for me.


  1. me too! it drives me crazy. but i hate it less than i hated myspace.

    it has been a good way to reconnect with people i'd lost touch with a long time ago. but that's about the only good thing i can say about it.

    i'm glad you're out there championing gay rights, since i do absolutely nothing in that regard. keep up the good work.