Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm done with:
  • housewives in any county. I'm done with the bitching, the fake hair, the fake nails, the fake boobs. 
  • vacations during November and December. My own productivity in the past week has made me ill. There is nothing more to clean, sort, donate, prepare or address. It's sickening.
  • news stories about that employee who was trampled to death at Wal-Mart on Friday. I can't take it, it's too sad, too absurd. It happened for no reason and it's terrible.
  • the Sundance channel. I don't get your arty, subtitled movies. Where's Casino Royale?
  • rain. It's DECEMBER, Upstate. It's supposed to be snowing until I want to gouge my eyes out. 
  • Kenny Chesney. Are you still here? Go away.
  • dieting with boys. I think boys are secretly robots without emotions. My friend that I'm dieting with, who started a week after I did, looks like a totally different person and has probably met his goal weight by now. Meanwhile, I'm eating chocolate and potato chips. No, really, right now I am eating chocolate and potato chips!
  • movies that don't get released here. I was so looking forward to last week so I could see Milk. It's getting awesome reviews, but no movie for me. 
  • NaBloPoMo! It's the last day of the month! I'm glad I did it this year and I've enjoyed the challenge of finding something to post every day. Now I'm outtie.


  1. As someone who stood in a very long line yesterday to see it, I can attest that Milk is a fantastic film. I really wish they would have released it prior to the election though. Too many eerie parallels.

    I selfishly enjoyed reading your daily posts!

  2. congrats on finishing nablopomo. that's more fortitude than i possess.

  3. I'm all with you on the housewives thing...I just watched the Reunion special for New York the other day and it was ridiculous.
    I'm not all with you on Kenny Chesney though. I kind of love him.

  4. I imagine you are glad that you got all of that out. Someone was trampled to death in a Walmart?! You are right, it is both absurd and sad. How something like that can happen is beyond me.

    Well done on a month of blogging.

  5. Milk opens wide this Friday. I hope that you get to see it then. It's really well done and moving.

    Congrats on NaBloPoMo!


  6. Well I finally worked out what NaBloPoMo is, so thanks for solving that for me. I was beginning to wonder if it was the latest trendy subdivision of Manhattan. Congratulations on completing your month - it seems like I'm working on my very own No-BloPoMo. My life has gone into hibernation.

    Chocolate and Potato chips: hmm... not so much 'Rocky Road' as 'Gravel'. Have you considered marketing this delicacy?

    I am equally galled by your depressing diet chum. I'm frankly considering dysentery as a weight-loss option. I'd send off for a Tape Worm except I'm too squeamish about the extraction process....Oh now I've put myself off my pizza