Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why Not the Whole Song?

I've been dieting for a couple of months and having a little success so it was recently time to get new underwear. I ordered a few pair online and there was one in particular that I really liked - they're called "boy shorts" and they're so comfy. I usually wear white or light pink underwear, but there was a cute sky blue pair online that had a tiny little snowflake on the front of the hip, so I thought they could be very cute winter undies. 

I got them in the mail earlier this week and the boy shorts do have a cute snowflake on the hip. They also have the words "WINTER WONDERLAND" on the ass. ??? ! Two things are obviously wrong here: the fact that they didn't show the reverse side online, and the fact that the words "WINTER WONDERLAND" fit on my butt. Sigh. Onward and upward.


  1. Well, it is snowing there...right? So the WW sort of fits! Fancy new panties are a great way to make one feel good inside.....

  2. Don't feel bad. "WINTER WONDERLAND IN MESOPOTAMIA" would fit on mine.

  3. I wonder if anyone sells pants with "Hinter Wonderland" on the rear? I might buy them.

  4. At least they don't say "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".

    Count your blessings ...

  5. I like getting inside some boy shorts myself. ;-)

    Did I say that outloud?

  6. HAHA! I wasnt sure where that post was going, funny.