Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top Ten

Things To Do When You're Not Eating
  1. Watch the Food Channel
  2. Go to Barnes & Noble to browse books (there are a lot of cupcake books out there)
  3. Listen to your sister recount the nine-course French meal she ate last night
  4. Buy $40 of American candy to send to cute gremlins in Japan
  5. Clean out your fridge
  6. Do dishes
  7. Drink a gallon of apple juice
  8. Think about how food tastes
  9. Make a shopping list
  10. Watch television hoping for food commercials


  1. Ok, I give...why are you not eating?

  2. Oops - I've been Twittering. Preparing for the super-fun colonoscopy tomorrow!

  3. I feel like this should be the list of things you should NOT do when you aren't eating because they'd all make me want to eat more.

    Hope everything goes well with the colonoscopy.

  4. You can be a very good Chinese person... we eat all the time... when we're making lunch, we're thinking about what to eat for dinner... it's insane.

  5. oh dear. all the best with that colonoscopy. how awful to not be eating and have to see all these food reminders...

  6. Hmmm... so you're a masochist torturing yourself when you can't eat? Interesting behaviour.

    I recognise some of these, now that I'm mid-way through my diet (44lbs in 10 weeks so far). I've had to take down all the loose recipes on my kitchen notice board and place my cookbooks on a higher shelf, and there are a slew of shows on tv that I'm recording for now and NOT watching!

    Drinking (water) lots helps, as does brushing my teeth (seems to take away cravings).

    Good luck with your C'scopy - hope it's not for anything serious. We can't have you blogging from Hospital again only a few months on from the last time.

    Nice new style to your page. Goodness, you change designs more often than I use my vacuum cleaner.