Monday, May 4, 2009

The Importance of Sleep

I feel irritable, very irritable and itchy today. I have been kept awake every night since I moved here - every night since March 14th - by the traffic outside my apartment windows. Today it's been raining so every car that drives by is that much louder because there's the sound of the tires kicking up the standing water. It is making me nuts. I just ran around and slammed shut every window in the apartment.

I am a very, very clean person, but right now I feel like there is a thin layer of cat hair on every horizontal surface within ten miles. Sometimes I take the lint roller and roll it directly on the cat.

About 24 hours ago a tiny American flag showed up on the top, right-hand corner of my MacBook. It is pissing me off. I don't understand where it came from but I hear Lee Green.wood singing, "Proud To Be An Ameri.can" every time I look at it. It's making me crazy. The Conservatives are watching me, aren't they?

The a-hole at Apple Care who helped me set up my Airport six months ago suggested that I name my network with my full given name. It is irritating me! I'm trying to figure out how to change it.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Before a woman has any medical procedure, they are asked the date of their last period. The nurse doing my intake before my endoscopy a couple weeks ago instead asked me, "Are you still getting your periods?" Jesus. Ouch. (The Internets tell me the average age of onset of menopause is 51.)

Let's call this day done.


  1. You poor thing. I can't help you with that menopause thing, but I might be able to help you with your flag:

    stupid flag

  2. You need to get earplugs immediately -- the silicon/swimmer's kind. And the most important thing....a room fan/white noise fan from Target...ours is made by Honeywell....and we run it on high every night of the year....I couldn't sleep without it.

  3. I love sleeping with the window open so I sleep with ear plugs in. Helps me ignore my cats in the wee hours too. Get some!

    What the hell with asking about your period like you're of the age to be menopausal? Stupid nurse.

  4. I should have mentioned - I do sleep with ear plugs already. It's THAT loud!

  5. Ugh.. I had the worst day for a long time yesterday, too, and so did a friend. Maybe soon they'll discover a psychic menstrual cycle that links us in networks like this and trashes our days.

    Okay, the flag is at the top of the "input menu" for selecting keyboard layout. The only reason why you might want this menu on your menu bar is if you need access to special symbols (write to anyone in French, maybe?). To turn off the menu, access the "international" panel in your System Preferences. At the bottom of the panel on the left is the box you need to uncheck.

    I'm sorry to hear about the noise problem. I don't handle noise at all well, myself. In my last house I was convinced I was going to end up in the news one day for taking out my neighbours in a killing spree. I hope you find a way of dealing with it or can move again.

    Ugh.. Airport. My network has gone down a couple of times in the last year and I've had the hardest time getting my airport to notice my computer (I think they fall out and aren't talking). I find the airport set-up very unintuitive, very un-Apple. But it's great when it's working again :D

    Ouch about the menopause question. I guess it would have been imprudent to slap her given what she was about to do to you...

    I LOVED the image of you lint-rolling the cat. That's got to end up in a movie some day.

    G x

  6. i'm really sorry, but i laughed my ass off reading this. like greg, i love the image of you lint rolling the cat. and subsequently getting your eyes scratched out.

    did you try the simply sleep® yet? some sleepy time would make everything all better.

  7. This is Sorata while reading this entry:




    ooo OUUUCH!


  8. oh my. sounds like SUCH a horrid day... cheer up hug? xoxoxo =)

  9. I live on an insanely busy street. Non-stop traffic at all hours. And oh! The fools who ride their loud motorcycles on the weekends, 'cuz puking toxins into the air along the coastline is the best.hobby.ever.

    ANYWAY, although you can't believe it now, you will get used to it. I do the white noise fan thing most days, but haven't for a couple of months now (dead fan). I'm sleeping alright. No earplugs.

    Well...I should probably admit that I smoke a shit ton of weed. I suggest indica or hybrid varieties. Nighty night!