Sunday, May 31, 2009

In The Name of Jesus, Amen

I'm so angry tonight that Dr. Tiller was murdered. It happened while he was at church, by the way. 

I'm angry at the churches that grow this kind of hate. I'll never understand Christian Fundamentalism.

I'll never understand how the Catholic Church can openly oppose the extension of the statute of limitations on child molestation. Evil, evil people. 

I'm so angry that I don't know what to say. I'll let Joe do the talking for me. Here's my favorite weekly feature from JMG:

This Week in Holy Crimes:
Over the last seven days...

Minnesota: Rev. Donald Dean Budd convicted of two counts of felony sexual misconduct.
Utah: Pastor William J. Blanscet charged with exposing himself over a webcam to who he thought was a 13 year-old girl.
Pennsylvania: Pastor Guy Carlton Jones sentenced to three years in state prison for attempted sexual conduct with an 8 year-old girl. Bonus: Jones was convicted of raping an 8 year-old girl in 1991.
California: The Catholic Diocese of Monterey agrees to pay man $1.2M for years of sexual assaults by two priests. The diocese never reported the assaults to the police and the priests went on to abuse others, including the plaintiff's brother.
Idaho: Pastor Reuben Elmer Floyd Jr. sentenced to 10-25 years in prison for child molestation.
North Carolina: Pastor Tommy Wheeler charged with multiple felony sex offenses for molestation of 15 year-old girl.
Louisiana: Youth pastor Jeremy Little sentenced to 24 years in prison for drugging and molesting young boys.
Kentucky: Pastor Richard Wilson Bridges charged with stealing $50,000 from his church.
South Africa: Pastor Muzi Kunene convicted of murdering his real estate agent. Bonus: His church says he will "remain an inspiration." Extra bonus: Kunene founded Christians For Truth, an anti-abortion lobby group.

This week's winner:
New York: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Brooklyn Catholic Diocese is blackmailing lawmakers who attempt to extend the statute of limitations on child molestation, telling a gathering of legislators (according to one Assembly member who was present), "If it passes, we will close a parish in each of your districts and we will tell your constituents that it was your fault." Extending the time limit allowed to report attacks is predicted to cost the Catholic Church hundreds of millions in judgments in New York state. The Child Victims Act will likely be voted on before the close of the current session at the end of June.

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