Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gotta Keep Fighting

I took part in the Prop Hate protest last night in downtown Portland. We had a good crowd, well over 100, although I was expecting and hoping for more. Folks brought homemade signs and we chanted and marched from the waterfront to the courthouse. The most inspiring part was what happened on the march - folks hanging out in the parks or eating outside at cafes left whatever they were doing and joined in, and cars, taxis, and even a whole max train (!) honked their horns like crazy to encourage us. That was awesome. 

A couple of crazy things happened to me at the protest, because it wouldn't be me unless something crazy happened - one attendee, this awesome guy named John, asked me to speak to the television crews present to explain why I was attending as a straight supporter. He kept touching my hair and saying my fabulous hair and sunglasses made me the perfect spokesperson. I felt torn - I'm very proud to be a marriage equality supporter, and I do have great hair, but I am a terrible speaker. I just knew I would pretty much screw it up. So I fought it for a few minutes but eventually gave in to John. I'd actually brought my six foot rainbow feather boa to the event but decided to leave it in the car because it was a mellow crowd and I specifically didn't want to attract (media) attention. So I gave an interview to some station, totally messing it up, forgetting how to spell my name, and that was that. I think they probably scrapped it. 

So after my fifteen seconds of fame, I decided, screw it, I need my fabulous boa, and went to the car to pretty myself up. That thing makes a statement. Wouldn't you know five minutes later I'm standing in the middle of 100 people and I hear someone yell, "OH MY GOD, (insert my full name here)!" I turned around to see someone I literally haven't seen since high school, over 20 years ago. My first thought as I stood there in the middle of a gay rights protest wrapped in a rainbow feather boa? No wonder I can't get a date in this town.

Click on the photos to embiggen. My favorite is the second, the gay agenda.


  1. My dear, it is people like you who make me happy. Make me smile. And make this world a better matter some silly Supreme Court decision. As for the boa, a girl should never be without!

  2. Too bad you aren't into women because you could easily pick one up at these rallies!

    I wish I could have gone in support of the protests. I'm glad to hear people turned out for something so important.

  3. Looks like a good crowd for an impromptu demonstration. I was at work but I got your tweets, wish I could have been down there too.

    blah blah sounds like lame excuses. Ha! next one, count me in.

  4. Aw... BLESS you for going. You are wonderful

    (it goes without saying that wearing the boa you are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S)

    With your sense of humor (see how I use the US spelling for you?) and of the ridiculous, some right-on straight bloke will be lucky to get you.

    Hmm... do you fancy Husband-shopping for me when you're next on a demo? We can add a little immigration issue to the mix :D

  5. I'm soooo proud of you for doing that. I wanted to go to the protest here in Vancouver that day but unfortunately I HAD to meet up with a couple to talk about my emcee gig with them this following Sunday so I had no choice. I would love to see those BOA photos though :D

    If I don't know Greg better, I think he was hitting on you LOL

  6. I'm reposting the agenda photo on fb. ;)

  7. Very cool. Wish I could have been there.