Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm suffering a bit of a motivation crisis lately. It's been a boring week and it makes me a little crazy to sit around the house. I need to grab my tennies and head out for some city walks. I'm usually able to keep active and busy but I've been slacking for the past few days.

I have enough airline miles to take me anywhere in the world once or twice, and about five free hotel nights saved up from some points program. I know the obvious choice is to take an international vacation, but I've been hesitant to do it. It's ridiculous, but I think the reason is that I worry that my kitty is on his last paw and I don't want to stress him out. I know. Ridiculous. And I could only afford a super cheap vacation at this point, but with flight and hotel taken care of, I could throw granola bars in my pack and make just about anywhere pretty damn cheap. Maybe I'll think more about that. 

I don't really veg on the television very much, which is probably good. It makes me a bit mental to sit around and pass the time that way. I'm avoiding most of the news, which is important for me, especially with the drab economic outlook. (I read my news versus watching it on TV - I find there's less drama in print.) 

The jobs have really dried up since even six weeks ago. It's scary. I haven't started looking for temp work or just anything yet (bookstore, coffee house, etc.) but I'll do that at some point soon. I did apply for two volunteer jobs this week, which I hope isn't a dumb move. One would give me more finance experience and the other is with a non-profit that I'd like to work for full time. My reasoning is that I'll volunteer and absolutely dazzle them and they'll want to hire me immediately. What do you think? 

I did cat-proof my balcony, so we've been spending a lot of time out there, especially in the evenings. 

I went out on my second date with the online guy. We had a fun night. No sparks or anything, but I enjoyed the evening. I'm always amazed when guys pay for girls. This is some slight degree of compensation for 25 years of menstrual cramps, I guess. I think I've dated cheap guys or something because I am totally not used to the guy paying. I love it. So we had a nice time, but I'm not sure if there will be a third date.

I'm going to some fun events in the next few weeks. I have Jerry Seinfeld tonight (hate that show, but I think he's talented) and Dane Cook in two weeks - can we still be friends? I absolutely love him and have fond memories of listening to him and convulsing with laughter on the train between Hiroshima and Osaka. I can't wait to go to the show and report back here to drive all you haters crazy. Hey, I sat through your American Idol posts. I have Rent and Shawn Mullins after that, and Indigo Girls and Green Day later this summer.

I'm on book 6 of 12 of my manga series. When I went in to Barnes & Noble and purchased the next three in the series, the clerk said, "Someone's going to be excited!" meaning my 13 year old socially awkward, friendless, nonathletic son, I guess. I admitted it and said, "Yeah, me." Don't worry, I'm reading other, more age-appropriate books, too.

I'm enjoying my Apple One to One sessions. The twenty-something hipsters who teach me are always so friendly and smart. I'm learning a lot of basics right now and can't wait to move on to more advanced programs.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday. Do something to remember our fallen soldiers this weekend!


  1. Your balcony looks lovely!

    I say take a trip if you can. Better than sitting around waiting, right? Though I understand about the kitty. I'd worry if it were me too.

    Volunteering at a place you want to work sounds very smart to me actually. At the non-profit I've worked for we tend to hire volunteers. Bonus!

  2. I like :) Very bright idea about the non-profit! I have also seen that work.

    A trip sounds lovely. Where would you go? Dream a little, it can't hurt and that part is FREE!

  3. Did you really say CHEAP GUYS? Oh my god, there are tons of cheap ones.

  4. 1. Go somewhere really cheap like Vietnam, where $200 will buy you anything.

    2. Jon ( kinda did the volunteer turned real job thing. You know him right?

    3. I met Shawn Mullins twice when I was a teenager. Weird. Say "hi" for me.

  5. Go for the vacay!

    ANd wow - what lovely pics of your home: absolutely beautiful!

  6. definitely go for the volunteer-dazzle thang. it has opened doors for me many times and i'm just the short 25-year-old in the corner.

    also, i'm going to be living on your balcony shortly.

    ha, shortly. full circle.