Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sizzling Weekend

I've had such a great couple of days. Sizzle came down to Portland to visit Jenny Two Times this weekend, and all the Portland peeps rejoiced. We met up Friday night at East Burn, which I'd never been to (and my favorite thing to do is go someplace new.) We caught up with new and old friends and I ordered glasses of ice. Because I'm hardcore like that. Afterwards we went to a tiki bar in NE (also new to moi) where we battled with a broken toilet and had a bartender with a belt buckle that said "FART." What can I say? These are the kinds of things that happen when Sizzle is in town. We met up again this morning at Gravy (omg, new!) for breakfast where Iron Fist risked life and limb to be with us. (Srsly. He got hit by a car while riding his bike.) (He is ok; currently trying to treat his injuries with beer.) The things Iron Fist won't do to be in the middle of a group of gorgeous women.

My Flickr photos here. Can we please do it again next weekend?

In other news, I saw this on my drive home from breakfast this morning. I've been looking for that bra everywhere.


  1. Yes. Let's do it again next weekend. Except I am taking the train. (Damn traffic!)

    Nice bra. ;-)

  2. Umm, yeah....I don't like Gravy at all...nope, not at sireee,I would not like to have been invited.....nuh uh, not at all......

  3. Sizzle is adorable, you are beautiful and the pictures are divine, and that pretty boy...sho is purdy.

  4. You ladies are seriously hilarious. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard, so long.

    Farmer's Market: you and me and Vahid! Coming to a Saturday near you! And no getting run over by cars on the way!

  5. Several beers and numerous milligrams of ibuprofen later I am mostly mobile, although I do have a giant purple bruise on my ass.

    Still so worth it for hanging out with all y'all this weekend.