Monday, October 26, 2009

All Good

  • A week ago I got up at 5:30 in the morning (I still can't believe it) to make it to the coast for a surf gear sale. The used gear was going for super cheap, and I was really wanting to come away with a wetsuit and a board. I ended up not getting a board (the biggest was 9'6" and I'm just not there yet) but I got the best, almost-new wetsuit ever, and it just happens to be the one I've been renting all these times, so it practically has my butt-print in it. And I not only got the Bro Deal, I have a feeling I got the No Job Broke Ass Deal, because he sold it to me for a price that defies reason. My very own wetsuit. I'm going to hug it and squeeze it and call it George.
  • I dragged myself to yoga last Saturday, even though I didn't want to one tiny little bit, and ended up having the best yoga session ever - better than I'd even hoped yoga could be. The poses felt amazing, each one making me feel more calm and centered than the last. When it was finished I wanted to run around and high-five everyone in the class, and then french kiss the teacher. It was amazing.
  • I went surfing on Tuesday. First I went to traffic court with my bathing suit on under my clothes, and then I went to the coast. The waves were too big for me - I knew they would be - but I'm discovering a certain twitch that occurs when it's been more than a few days since I've been in the water, so I had to try. The beach was completely deserted (I saw one single person later) which I'd never experienced before. I went in for three rides before surrendering to reality. It was just a matter of time before something bad would happen. I was extreeeeemly bummed to not get more time, but proud of myself for not being dumb. I put my board up and then just went swimming in the big waves for a while. It's no surfing, but it felt great to be in the water.
  • When I took my gear back, the owner of the shop told me he'd been thinking all day about how to get me a board. ! He said he doesn't want to sell me a beginner board, he wants me to have a 10' fiberglass. You guys. So . . . he said he's going to California in a few weeks and he was going to put the word out ahead of time to try to find me something down there. I'm trying very hard to not get my hopes up, and even if he finds me a board, transitioning away from a softie will be another frustrating learning curve, but, dudes - I am going to be one happy surf baby if this comes together!
  • I went to the Nelscott Tow-In Classic in Lincoln City on Thursday. (Pictures of where I watched from the side of the road with binoculars and cute boys in wetsuits below.) I think the facts are: there are waves too big to paddle into, so surfers are towed by a jet ski into the wave. The waves that day were over 30'. (Remember how 8 or 9' makes me cry like a little girl with no lunch money?) The competition is also scheduled as happening sometime between October and December, and when the waves get big enough, the surfers are put on 48 hours notice until they know for sure it's going to happen. To hear on Twitter that they got the green light for big waves on Thursday - I don't really know how to describe how exciting it was! This was my first chance to see a competition in person and I was in awe the whole time. I'd like to say more about this, but it would just be a collection of words like "dude" and "stoked" and I'm not sure it would really communicate how inspiring it was. It was like watching human dolphins. Ok, I'll stop. You could feel pure happiness in the air. Ok, that's enough. I could hardly stop myself from just screaming with joy! (But I did.)
  • I saw Mike Birbiglia at the Aladdin on Saturday. I love Mike and how he uses his own tragic experiences and turns them into something to laugh about. At the very end he told a story about his sleep disorder that had me laughing so hard I simply could not stop. I love that. This was the second time I've heard the story about him getting hit by a drunk driver, and it took my breath away again. I'm left thinking about it for days again. He's so smart and so real; there's something about his stories that really draws me in. What a great evening.
  • I love going to concerts. I've been to one zillion of them over the past 25 years, and they're so good for me - the most fun I have is at a show. Years ago I made up a dream list of artists to see - maybe 20 people - and this week I'll see the last name on the list! Who knew? On Wednesday night I'll see U2 in British Columbia, and tonight and Tuesday it's Mika in Seattle and BC. I'm excited! I guess it's time to make up a new list.
  • The baby is coming! Probably this week. Cutest Nephew will soon have a brother or sister (and possibly a new nickname), and my heart will have to grow two sizes to accommodate both kiddos.


  1. everything you are going through with surfing reminds me of everything i went (go) through with climbing. it's awesome to learn that you love something you're terrified of, isn't it?

    have fun with the canadians.

  2. Everything about your attitude is so infectious. I always walk away so happy after reading your posts.

  3. One of my favorite parts of watching my friends surf was watching the boys change in and out of their wet suits. There was always a butt flash. NICE ASS!

    I really hope that despite the stupid car break in you have an awesome time in BC. I didn't realize you were seeing U2! If that doesn't cheer you, I don't know what would.


  4. Surfing just sounds like so much fun. Almost like flying. Almost.

  5. Surfing just sounds like so much fun. Almost like flying. Almost.