Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Just Like . . .

On Saturday I visited a local bicycle shop because I've been wanting a way to get a little exercise and fresh air on days I don't run. And also because I live in Portland and don't own a bicycle and that's just not right. I've visited three different shops in the past month, just looking and asking and learning, and on Saturday I decided it was time for the big test drive.

What. The. Hell. I haven't ridden a bike (with the exception of about 15 minutes somewhere in the late 90's) since I was ten. That makes it fifteen years (just kidding - thirty years)!

Sooooo unnatural. Couldn't have been more strange and weird and altogether wtf. I was on a mostly closed-off little side-street, and I rode up and down and did big circles for about fifteen minutes, all the while just wondering: wtf. Was it fun? I don't know. Was it exercise? I have no idea. It was kind of scary and fairly uncomfortable for my ischial tuberosity (hi, butt/sitz bones) and mostly just totally unnatural.

Such a bummer! I know it was only one little test drive, but I'd really been thinking this is going to work out for me, and now I'm pretty sure it's not my thing. I only live a few miles from work, so I was thinking I could ride! my! bike! to! and! from! work! just like a real Portlander. Really? Who am I kidding? I get off work at about midnight. Last night I stumbled out to my car at 12:15 after a long day and thought: Really? On a bike? Right now? Not so much.

It's pretty. And in my head mine was going to be red with a basket to carry my things. But I think I'm going to need to go in another direction for exercise and fresh air.

Fun fact: When I was getting ready for my test drive, I told the guy I'd need a big helmet. (My people have large heads.) He had to go back twice to get a bigger size, and before he left the second time he said, "I hope I can find it. We only have two in the shop that big."

(I'm messing around with my template - sorry if it's distracting. I just kind of want a change but don't really have time to work it out right now. Let me know if the blue background makes it difficult to read.)


  1. I have thought I should ride my bike to work since it's not that far but a)I think Seattle drivers would kill me, b)I am too vain to deal with the rain soaking my clothes/ruining my hair or make up (same reason as to why I won't go swim before work), and c) the rain slicker outfit I would be required to wear is just not cute.

    So I drive. And I feel ok with it. :-)

    That bike sure is super cute though.

    (Like the new background, actually.)

  2. Yes, it is pretty. The bike and the background.

    I LOVE the way you describe it. Really, other than the triathlon I don't ride. Because, really, its not that fun at all. And I don't like going fast or being out of control. Maybe that crash and the broken collar bone has something to do with it?

    It was handy as a kid, but not so much as an adult. Weird huh?

  3. Be protective of your knees, because it's not the same as when we were kids. I got the bug early last year and on my first ride in April I cycled a steep hill for which I am still rubbing gel into my right knee every night in order to sleep. Ah, I've had a few of those "oh my gosh, it was 30 years ago" moments recently. They are always a shock.

    I love the new background. How about a new picture though?

  4. Excellent. Continue with the forward motion and just get a frickin bike. Find one that's fun to ride. It should feel fun or you're doing it wrong. Get your basket for sure, but also get lights, front and back. Bright ones. Don't scrimp on the lights. Bright ones cost more, but you want bright ones.

    You will buy a bike.

  5. I know a guy who could put a motor on that thing.

  6. As you know Vahid is all "yay bikes!" and as a result we are apparently getting me a bike at some point (this year he hopes, I think). I haven't ridden a bike in well, forever.

    I think I'd rather learn to surf.

    And get a puppy.

    (AND I need to email you. I am the worst at that.)

  7. Dude! I have a red bike with TWO baskets! You can do it!

    When I first came to Japan and got on a bike I felt all wobbily and drunk. Add to that that I never exercised and I have a huge ass. I almost fell in the gaijin traps next to the roads (those drain things).

    But now, three years later, I use my bike everyday. Just came home with a 12 pack of toilet paper in the front basket and gym shoes in the back. It gets much easier after the first ride. Even hills are manageable with enough gears.

  8. I seriously bought a bike (or more like Chris impulse-bought us both bikes, as was his way) the second day I was in Portland. I LOVE bikes and used to ride all the time, and every time I see someone in Portland on a bike I grin and think, "Yeah, you're totally rad."

    But yeah. I rode it twice, and was all, "Oh hells no." I'm all about leisurely bike rides (or even rocking trail rides), but it's totally different to be riding with and against traffic and watching out for idiots who aren't watching out for you.

    Bungee jumping? Heck yes. Daring someone to run me over while I'm riding two and from work? Not for this girl.

    (All of that to also say: Good for you for trying it! And maybe it will keep growing on you!)

    (Also: I totally dig the blue background.)

    (Also: I leave the most long-winded comments, sheesh.)

  9. Once you actually buy a bike, you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Ride the concrete wave!