Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By the Numbers

I'm back and already missing the hot sun and friendly smiles in Costa Rica. What an amazing vacation. It was an unusual one for me because, although I went alone, I spent almost all of my time with a group of people. It almost felt like going on a trip with a bunch of friends. That was very fun but a smidge different than what I thought I needed. Still, I'm really glad it worked out that way. Different can be good.

I can't wait to tell you all the deets about my rad time and how incredibly Type-A I was about my surfing, but for now let's take it by the numbers:
34 bug bites in one night of not using bug spray
3 stings from stingrays
10' 2" - the board I started with
9' 2" - the board I ended with
1 fish I almost caught in my mouth while taking a wave in
10" - the size of that disgusting fish
4 surfer-specific massages at Tica Massage
7 fresh jugo de piƱa and banana pancake breakfasts
17 surfing lessons/sessions
3 naps in my hammock
16ish outdoor showers on the deck of my room
60 minutes journaling by candlelight observing Earth Hour
2 big wipeouts
1 million little wipeouts
1 awesome 40th birthday


  1. All I can say to this is:


    And then do a happy dance at my desk.


    Welcome home, I am all BIG, happy smiles for you, it sounds like you had a super-surferlicious time :)

  3. Sigh. Sounds lovely. I am so glad your birthday was awesome.

    I love how the group you were with weren't what you thought you needed, but the universe told you otherwise.


  4. YAY!

    That's 'cos you're back, because you had a great time and because the post was fun.

    I have to confess that my heart stopped when I got to 10", but then I read on and it was a lot more innocent than where my mind had drifted.

    Can't wait to hear the rad deets (ironic that "deet" is a bug spray, too)

    Welcome back. Been missing ya' but was also happy every day you were away 'cos I knew you were in a good place.

    G xx

  5. Ahhh!

    DUDE! I am so learning to surf somewhere warm.

    But that is an awesome awesome vacation with SO much surfing. Without a wetsuit! I can't wait to hear more. I demand we lunch at Lupe's! (also maybe because I can kind of sort of get away with it on my diet too. :))

  6. Welcome back! Sounds like an epic awesome birthday vacation, yay! Looking forward to the surf stories to come. :)

  7. True story: Sarah was relating your post to me at dinner last night, and misspoke and told me you were hit in the face with a 10 FOOT fish. I had this vision of a giant barracuda longer than your board jumping out of the shallows right in front of you before she told me she meant inches.

    (Also: welcome back! Glad you had a lot of fun!)

  8. Welcome back! And here's to kicking off your forties in style.

  9. Welcome home! Sounds like it was an amazing adventure and I can't wait to hear more.

  10. Hi! I just stumbled onto your page. How nice it is to see intelligent, funny, and adventurous women in the world. I find myself solo and considering going back to Europe... SOLO. Kinda nervous about it. Good for you for traveling the world, maybe you can share some wisdom. Looking forward to more posts.

  11. DUDE!! You are 1,001 kinds of awesome. Seriously. Despite the horror of bites, stings and fish-in-face, this made me so happy to read!