Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where I'm From*

Sizzle tells me it's National Poetry Month. Good enough for me.

I am from K-Tel records and 8-track tapes. I am from leotards and Charlie.

I am from cigarette butts and perfectly groomed flowers and silver and copper sleeping bags thrown across lounge chairs on wet grass. I am from a new journal on New Year's Eve, and toll paintings of owls and mushrooms. I am from "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby".

I am from Michelle's pool, and Washington Park, and the orchards between here and there.
I am from houses built from leaves. I am from packing a bag and running away to my Grandparent's lawn.

I am from "Home again, home again, jiggity jog" and "Bless us, oh Lord, and these, thy gifts" and "Just take two more bites!" I am from "Peace be with you" - "And also with you". I am from "Ooooo-n Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday night." I am from, "Look in the drawer under the phone!"

I am from candy from Ernie's while our bikes sat outside waiting. I am from fish sticks and white bread with butter, from canned vegetables, from thinly sliced sandwich meat and Velveeta cheese.

I am from Pooney and Joey and Potsy. I am from 34820, long before 663-4820. I am from birch trees in every yard. I am from parents dancing around the living room.

*Thank you, George Ella Lyon.


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  2. National Poetry MONTH?

    All we get in the UK is a National Poetry DAY. It's just like I always heard as a kid, the Americans do it bigger.

    That's a lovely concept for a poem and I may try and I'm sure it connects with a particular generation who recognise every reference. I might try and write an equivalent for 40-something Brits.


    G x

  3. Love!

    I had birch trees in my front yard. :-)

  4. Huh, I know some of that stuff. I always liked the birch trees :)