Saturday, July 16, 2011

Third Time's A Hot Mess

Thanks to a boatload of stress, I had all night last night to try my hand at a third skirt. I was so impressed with myself right up to the point where the whole thing turned out crazy, but I'm still glad I tried it and I'm going to keep trying.

This one had six panels that went into the main part and then a yoke with interfacing for the waist. The hem was supposed to be just folded, pressed, and sewn, but I used red double-fold bias tape to make it extra sassy (and because I realized it was going to be way too short but didn't have dark brown bias tape). I had to totally redo the waist because the pattern was made to fit an hourglass shape, and I'm a good inch smaller in the waist than the bust and hips (read: straight up and down). And to top it all off, it has a side zipper. This was no "Sew E-Z!" like the pattern said, but I think I did pretty good. Even if I can't wear it and it's totally wonky.

Next up: a child-sized messenger bag, hopefully some sleep, and definitely homework, if I know what's good for me.


  1. I think making something with so many panels is easier with a solid colored fabric or at least a print that is easy to line up. But I also think yours looks pretty good.

  2. Love your wonky hot mess! Way to go with the hem, brilliant idea :)