Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good Days

Last weekend we had our first sunny days in Portland in one million years. It was 75 on Saturday and 83 on Sunday and it was glorious.

Here's what I did on Saturday:


Here's what I did on Sunday:


  1. That view through trees to the sea is medicine to my soul. Here in Yorkshire we had a few days in the 70s in late March but we're back to cold and heavy rain again. Thank you for the idea of sunshine.

  2. I am so in love with these pictures. Especially the last one.

  3. Those are beautiful and so are you.

  4. It was downright gorgeous here all weekend. And now the rain has come back to remind us who is boss. WE GET IT RAIN!

    I'm so glad you got some sunshine relaxation, surfing, and creating in. We should have a crafty weekend when I move into my house. We've got a guest room with your name on it!

  5. I love the "Put a Bird On It" fabric! :)

    And I'm also in love with that last picture. I'd love to see you again someday.