Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello, friends. I am in my house. I moved in on the 16th, and here it is the 27th and I'm fairly, semi, kind of settled. It's been a tough 11 days, and I'm not totally proud of how much the transition has thrown me. I'm such a delicate flower.

I've tried to blog a few times in the last week-ish and it's just not coming. There's so much going on in plain sight, and 100 times that below the surface. I want to get it out, but it's not coming. For now, how about a little picture of the view from where I'm sitting tonight:

Living room, view from the couch. 

And now, some random thoughts. Here are things I've learned in the past 11 days:
  • I'm a night person
  • 7 volts ain't worth a damn if you need to drill into a stud
  • I have a really difficult time asking for help
  • As much as I hate to say it, I think this gets harder the older I get
  • It's almost impossible for me to slow down or rest until things are somewhat organized
  • Garbage every week, recycling every other week
Gosh. I thought I learned more than that. 

Thank you for coming with me on yet anther adventure, friends. I appreciate it. It means a lot to have you here. 


  1. I think it's pretty. You could use a picture over that fireplace, though. And I was wondering, did you get any leaks with those storms that blew through a little while back?

  2. Love that fireplace and floors and book shelves! And you're right, 7 volts just ain't gonna cut it. Congratulations! Which part of town?

  3. It looks cozy and homey. I can't wait to visit.

    I'm certain you learned more. Sometimes we just don't realize it until much later. I'm still unearthing things and I moved over 4 months ago.

    I love you.

  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome to your new home. Fantastic! Hang in there - there will be countless more things to learn, experience and enjoy about your new place and yourself...

  5. Vahid and I are looking to move and I just keep looking around the apartment wondering if it would be easier to just torch it all and start over.

    I want to say yes, but I think someone would be mad at me if I did it.

    I haven't been around much either. I have too much to say and no way to say it. Also finals.