Monday, March 4, 2013

Or Dental Work. Maybe Plastic Surgery.

I don't mean to brag, but I just upgraded the memory in my MacBook! Or something. It is crazy. I unscrewed the bottom cover (which required a #00 philips screw driver, whatever that is), found a huge  pile of cat hair (seriously, it even smelled like my old kitty, which is gross and kind of sad), cleaned it up, TOOK OUT the existing memory . . . things, put them somewhere in case I'll need them again (for arts & crafts, I guess?), and then put in two new memory things. It required matching up notches and pushing and pulling and clicking, and I kept thinking how handy it would be to have one of my nephews' tiny hands. But I actually have tiny hands, so it worked out. And then I took out the battery and cleaned around in there (just because I was feeling ballsy), and THEN I put the whole thing back together! Short screws where the short screws go, long screws where the long screws go. It's crazy. I'm going to start a waiting list for brain surgery next. I fired it up wondering if I would ever work on this particular computer again, and omg, check it:

This is my MacBook Pro post-surgery:

And the best part is: It's FASTER! A lot faster. It was immediately. It went from 2 somethings to 4 somethings, and I can totally tell. Christ on a cracker, I don't want to throw my computer against a wall!

I'd like to thank the Apple Store Genius with orange hair and glasses without lenses because she never talked down to me or made me feel like I couldn't do it. I'd like to thank my parents for coming up with a genetic combination that produced my tiny, baby-like hands, perfect for any job in small spaces. And I'd like to thank Damian Lillard, our four-time Rookie of the Month and soon-to-be Rookie of the Year, for the constant inspiration. Go, Dame. Go, me. :)

(Now I'm off to fix my Internet. Wish me luck. I'll need more than tiny hands for this one.)


  1. Oh my hell thats funny! And congrats! I am always so proud when I can un-stuck the vacumme, but computers scare the shit out of me and they are really expensive to replace ....

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