Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Angels

On Saturday I took part in a little Christmas party on base that was thrown for a Japanese orphanage from Hiroshima. The Americans bought presents (taking names from an Angel Tree) and then brought them to the party to meet with their little kitty poos. It was part of the Single Marine Program, and after we gave the kids the gifts, they paired up with some young buck to spend the day playing. (I've never been around 30 or so 20-year old single Marines at one time before . . . the insecurity was palpable.)

I adopted four little angels and had a great time at Snoopy Town getting ready for the event. It turned out to be kind of chaotic, but the kids had a great time. Santa was there, and he handed out each gift. The kids were so excited to meet him and to get something of their own. This little sweetie wouldn't let go of these gifts that were almost bigger than she was.

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