Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Friends

I was working on my computer upstairs today when I heard lots of little giggles outside. It's been such a long time since I've had little friends to play with. I moved away from my other kids (about 20 of them) last February, and I've been traveling for work ever since. I'm done with the travel and am happy to be home long enough to meet some folks. When I walked out my door one of them yelled, "K1mbeary!" so I guess they'd been expecting me. They took turns riding on my back while I spun around and around . . . wow, can't do that as long as I once could. They had lots of questions for me. One immediately asked how old I was, and when I said 34, they all laughed like I'd just said the punch line of the best joke ever and clapped as if I'd performed a neat trick. They wanted me to say "Merry Christmas" so I did, over and over, and that always gets lots of giggles. They asked if I had a Christmas tree (oops) or decorations, so I went to get lights and we worked together on putting those on my house. Pretty soon the 5 o'clock song came on and everyone had to run home, but I got the usual question: "Ashita?" (Tomorrow?) Hai so desu! (Yep!)

Update: these little terrors came back the next day and ripped the crap out of my house for 45 minutes before I physically removed them. They were stuffing cookies and marshmallows into their pockets as I half-way threw them out the door. Gosh, I wish I had kids of my own.

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