Sunday, May 14, 2006

Glorious Six o'clock Song

Nine kids came over to play today! I decided that it's just about impossible to keep track of nine kids, and they were all shouting and pushing and grabbing and trying to get my attention at once. Yikes. They all wanted to blow bubbles, and how do you pantomime "Take turns!"? I finally put the bubbles away and there was chaos. The girls wanted to ride on my back and play with my hair, and the boys played at beating the crap out of each other (I've noticed this is a popular game with the boys). Then we played a version of "Red Light, Green Light" which was a lot of fun and we laughed ourselves silly. I admit to being pretty happy when the six o'clock song came on and it was time for everyone to run home. This should count for aerobic exercise, shouldn't it?

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