Sunday, May 14, 2006


I've really, sincerely appreciated everyone's comments on my last few posts. They've helped me to think through the process, and I'm continuing to read them over and over again. I finally gotten some sleep (courtesy of Ambien)! Thank Allah. I was having a hard time negotiating the steps inside my house. Sleep deprivation is plain evil.

A few months ago I found a great postcard on Post Secret during my weekly visit to the website. I wrote down the text and I've kept it in the Moleskine that I keep with me all the time so I can read it whenever I need to. It said:

"Have patience with yourself, find the perspective to see yourself for what you are, and know that you have it in you to persevere."

Isn't that so great? As I've been working through the details of the changes that are coming in my life, I keep thinking - you have it in you to persevere. Yes, I do!

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