Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today was my first day working at the AIDS community center. I wasn't even working, I was just going through orientation, but it went really well and I can't wait to get going. I was terribly impressed with how organized they were, and I learned quite a bit about HIV that I didn't know before. It's amazing to think about what the world knows now that we didn't know 20 years ago. I hope to go through the rest of my training in the next week or so, and then the plan is that I'll man (woman?) the hotline one night a week, if I can make it work with my schedule. I'm looking forward to getting involved in something that has nothing to do with banking.


  1. I hope you enjoy the volunteering LSL. There is something rewarding about giving something back and a possibly great way to meet some new folks.

    I worked at the AIDS Clinic here in Sydney back in 1997. I started on the hotline before moving downstairs to the clinic and the front desk.

    You are right about the difference from then and now in what we know. How many people have died around the world in that time. Africa, Asia and Russia even China will bear the loss of the greatest number of lives to come.

    You are sounding more upbeat and that is a good thing. Take care.

  2. YAY! I'm so glad to hear you'll volunteering again and for a cause you're passionate about. Good for you! By the way, today is GMHC's big AIDS Walk New York fundraiser. I'll have some pics on my blog later!

  3. Good for you!! And I think it will be good FOR you, too. I worked as an accountant for an AIDS agency for a short time, and if I had been in a role that actually was directly helping anyone I would probably still be there now. I'm proud of you.

  4. that's awesome! as a former non-profit employee (volunteer coordinator) at an AIDS organization i know firsthand that they can't do the good work without generous people like you. :)

  5. Excellent! Banking like Law stinks. Helping with the AIDS cause is good for the soul. There's no cynicism in volunteering -- no hidden agendas -- just good acts. You'll sleep better and feel better. That's your soul telling you that 'ya done good.' I'm going to follow your lead and volunteer. I don't know where or how, but that's the fun part.



  6. You are just plain old awesome. Such a big heart. And, you're so right, doing something out of our element always gives a fresh perspective.

  7. Glad to hear it...
    My uncle had HIV for many years before he finally died, of an OD i think... sad story... but reality is often hard.
    I think you'll make a difference no matter where you're at...
    I'll be starting as a volunteer with the citizen review board soon... my heart leans to the children... i can't get away from it...

    Thanks for your example...

  8. good for you. makes me kind of want to do something real for a change.

  9. Good stuff. There's nothing like volunteering. And scanning your blog suggests to me you've got stuff give. Hell knows there's a wealth of experience for you to gain. The LSL story's gonna grow even longer.