Monday, April 14, 2008

A Small Break

I've been messing around with my blog template hoping that a new look will inspire me to post more frequently. We'll see. I tried to figure out how to make my link lists into drop downs, but I ended up just stealing the code from a Google help group.

I took today off work and enjoyed every minute of my three-day weekend. I can't remember the last time I've taken a day off to just hang out around the house. It felt good. So here's the challenge - can I finish out this week keeping my three-day weekend attitude and not get crazy?

My role at work is evolving and will include more and more public speaking, so I looked up a Toastmasters group and went to find the meeting tonight. It turned out that the group wasn't meeting at that location, so I'll have to call tomorrow to figure out what the deal is, but I was really proud of myself for going. Or attempting. Baby steps.

I went to my second physical therapy appointment earlier today. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I heard my PT guy in another room going on and on making fun of fat people. A real class act. Are all straight guys complete Neanderthals? Is it because he's short? And what's more of a scam than PT? I think I'm on my own to heal.

Spring is slowly coming and bringing hope and energy with it. It's light out later and later, and I've traded in the winter Birkenstocks for the spring/summer Birkenstocks. It's official!


  1. He was making fun of fat women?


    What a jerk.

  2. You've already traded in the Birks? Wow! I wore my flip flops yesterday all of the way home from the rain! Feet were soaking wet and cold. I absolutely 100% loved it. The freshness, the natural-ness of it, the Pacific Northwest "feel." I'm sure you can relate!

  3. Love the new look--I've been thinking I'm overdue for one as well. I've had the same template since the birth of my blog. I'm in a rut!

    Don't give up on the PT--even if the guy is a jerk. I would let a crack about short people slip if I were you.

  4. So, the Birkenstocks without the socks, then?

  5. i love the drop-downs! can you send me the code???


  6. Hey Dave! I go for the Bostons during winter and rock the Arizonas the other three seasons.

  7. So Toastmasters is like AA for public speaking? I just learned something. Thx.

    I did not eat the meatball!

  8. I used
    Has a lot of cute FREE stuff...
    There are directions on the page, if i can figure it out... anyone can.

    I have a problem with people who make fun of other people for ANY reason.

    I just don't understand it....

  9. I think Dave likes to wear his Birkenstocks with socks. Enjoy your spring.

  10. Don't blame all straight men for the sins of one douche! Hell, my boyfriend is straight and he's dating a fat woman. See? There is hope! The straight gene doesn't equate Head in Anus Syndrome.

    But, yeah, combine shortness (double whammy if he's bald) and no sex and you get a douche who rags on fattness. I'll shake one my rolls in his general direction. But I say, keep on the PT!

  11. A Toastmaster! With all your stories, I would pay to go to where you speak! You should tell the guys there the name of your blog, they'll get a crack out of it!

    I still can't believe there are still people out there making ignorant comments like that. Such idiots! Though I did listen to a podcast of Savage Love once and he compared closet straight guys who prefer curvier women with closet gay guys. It was rather interesting. Maybe the PT is one of them?

  12. thanks for the code, i am trying to figure out how to incorporate it! i hope your PT is going well...