Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Today I stayed as far away as possible from any place remotely related to shopping. Not interested, nope. 

I'm half-way through my delicious two-week vacation and am sufficiently chilled out. I got my holiday gifts ready to send off to Japan and realized that it would probably be cheaper to fly there myself and give all those little kids hugs. (They'd probably prefer the candy and toys I send.)

My cat barfed five times today. I can't imagine having children. I was trying to gently guide him off the rug and onto the hardwoods, but I didn't have the heart to shift his retching little body. 

Have we talked about Quantum of Solace yet? Daniel Craig is mine. Hands off, bitches. 

I'm not sleeping great, and every day I wake up and look like I need a face lift. Things are shifting downward. 

In DC you can't eat on the subway. It's illegal. I took the subway alone like a big girl and was very proud of myself. This time my friend and I visited the monuments at night, and they were just beautiful. I'd never been to the FDR memorial - it was wonderful, maybe my favorite. I also discovered a little slice of heaven called Cake Love. In DC I like visiting the huge Crate & Barrel store. I could crawl under the covers of one of the display beds and drift off to dreamland. We hung out in a little area called Silver Spring and then he showed me Union Station. DC seems like a great place to live. I can't wait to go back in January and have more time to explore.

I've started to do a little Christmas decorating around the house. I'm not ready to deal with a tree yet, but I did put up a few things. It's nice. I put two stockings up by the fireplace. It's too sad to put one. I would say the other one is for my cat, but that's even sadder. Maybe it's for Daniel Craig. 


  1. the subway system in dc is the cleanest subway system in the world. anywhere. it has to be. i think they have elves that clean it every day.

    i don't think there's anything wrong at all with putting up a stocking for daniel craig. maybe i'll put one up for eric bana.

  2. Korean subways are quite clean. Not only have I eaten on the subway, but I've gotten completely hammered on the way to the bars!