Sunday, April 26, 2009

With A Twist

I know, I just haven't really felt like posting lately. I've been busy doing a lot of fun things, like these:
  • Today I went to see the very depressing Two Lovers at the Living Room Theater downtown. It's so very hipster and cool: love seats and ottomans, wine and cheese plates instead of Jujubes and Red Vines. They have a full bar, so I think it would be fun another night to sip on a martini while watching something good. They have a couple of Japanese films there now, so I think I'll be back soon.
  • I went to another reading at Powell's last week. Franz Wisner and cute brother Kurt, of Honeymoon With my Brother, were there for their latest book, How the World Makes Love. Wow, you will not find two nicer guys. That was fun.
  • I spent two days at the coast watching the surfers and eating yummer bars. Amazing, amazing to be back at the beach - those were great days. I have no idea how I lived away from water these past three years.
  • Just for fun and great drugs I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. I recommend you get your drugs another way.
  • I purchased and started my One to One sessions so I can finally learn the other million things my Mac does beside take self-portraits and kick my ass at chess.
  • I'm reading what I guess is called a graphic novel called Burma Chronicles. I found it at the beach, and it's so good, but I feel a little silly reading what is basically a comic book. What's next, manga?
  • Ok, I'm also reading some manga. Me and thousands of angsty sixteen-year-old boys. I can't find the very cool Saint Young Men, so I'm settling for Deathnote. I know. Next is cereal boxes.


  1. DO NOT denigrate the graphic novel as a form of literature, lsl.

    i think that some of the best writing and storytelling done in this country of ours, nay this world of ours, is in the form of the 'comic book.'

    check out 'preacher' or 'y the last man' or 'freakangels'(which is free online) and i think you might agree.

    now, manga on the other hand...

  2. I *really* need to get back to the Oregon coast. It's so gorgeous!

  3. I can tell you're more relax just by reading your post! Glad you're settling in nicely and have yourself occupied with fun activities!

  4. D - I had a feeling that was the wrong thing to say, although I wasn't quite sure why. I have to say that I've loved it - the humor is so subtle and sharp. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out!

  5. Hey check out my latest post I MAY be meeting you this SUMMER!!!!! Then we can watch stuff together at the Living Room Theatre. :)

  6. Read Pyongyang - same author and it gives the same feel as being in North Korea.