Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The last few days of 80+ degree weather - not a cloud in the sky - has me wondering if a good part of the shit-tastic time I've been having hasn't been the constant greyness. Just like a plant, I need sun to live. And I've finally gotten a nice, big dose of it.

Now I just need more. A lot more.

I've been doing some sewing this week, trying to get a few items ready for the Etsy shop, and I put together this fab bag with the organic bike fabric I love.

Notice anything? The #$^%@# bicycles are upside down! Ugh! I rarely work with directional fabric, so it didn't even cross my mind until I was done with everything but the top-stitching. Now what the hell do I do with it?

My buddy Sizzle came down to Portland this weekend and we got a chance to hang out and do some catching up. We had about 5 hours of non-stop gabbing, and honestly, I could have done with about five (hundred) more. I haven't had the energy to deal with humans lately, but Sizz requires no energy. It's come-as-you-are, and that's something I can do. Our time together was good for my soul.

Here we are trading pictures during mani/pedis:

My schedule is changing a bit at work (actually, everything is changing a bit at work; corporate reorgs: I'll NEVER miss you), so I'll no longer have my gorgeous Fridays to myself. My weekend is going back to Sat/Sun like the rest of the miserable world. Tonight I got off at my normal time (9:00 PM; I work evenings and love it), and got home around 9:30 after a stop at the store. I guess it was just the beautiful night air, and also the feeling of not wanting to just succumb to the normal work/sleep/work/sleep/work/school/sleep routine, so I slid into my swimming suit and went to the pool to feel alive.

I did laps for a while and then lay on my back and floated, looking at the planes or whatever in the sky. It actually reminded me of a trip I took to Guam years ago where I did that for hours - just floated around in the ocean with my ears submerged and everything silent. (Christ on a cracker, here's a brief post about it. I've been blogging for a long time.) Tonight I only stayed in for about 20 minutes, but it was silent and dark except for the pool lights, and peaceful. I feel like it's been the dead of winter for over a year. I can't say how badly I've needed this.


  1. Stitch some lettering onto the bag that reads: "upsidedownycles" and make it seem like your idea all along.

    I hear you about sunlight. That's one of the reasons I'm so keen to get away from Yorkshire, where I only come alive for a few months of the year before sinking down into something a lot less healthy than hibernation. Let's buy a place in Costa Rica - whaddyasay?

    How lovely to see your face, LSL

  2. It was SO GOOD to spend time catching up. I just posted about my visit and put up that photo of you. Your pedi looks great still! How are you tolerating your mani?

    I sincerely hope we don't let 7 months go by again before we have another gab fest.

    Love you, friend.

  3. I am so screamingly jealous because I miss you and Sizzle.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how I can instantly feel five million times better when I'm submerged in water of any kind. Give me a pool, a coastline, a lake in the sunshine, but I need water to feel complete. And sun to feel, well, WARM. Warm is good.

    So glad your time with Sizz was such a great respite. Love to you, babe.

  5. I am so happy the sun is finally out. I go into a mini-depression when it hits June and it's STILL cold and grey and blah. I am so happy about it.

    I just wish our pool was outdoors. And not filled with people I don't want to see (and who am I kidding, see me in a bathing suit.)

    I still have that bike. I'm still peddling around. My legs have never been this sore.

    It feels good.

    Also I miss your face. :)

  6. "Normal" bicycles would be boring, upside down bicycles is a work of genius. This from a man who never wears matching socks =)

    The bag would look perfect over your should . . . while you are actually riding a bike.


  7. "Normal" bicycles would be boring. Rock those upside down bikes loud and proud. This from a man that does not wear matching socks.

    The bag would even look better if it was on you while you are on a bike!

  8. Ahhhh the pool. Any pool. Yes.