Monday, May 7, 2012


I had a really special evening last Friday. We know I love Brandi Carlile. Well, months and months ago I snagged a couple of tickets to a special show of hers - playing live with the Oregon Symphony. I'd wanted so much to go to her show with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall a few years back, but I wasn't able to. So this time I bought two tickets - two special tickets - and decided that when the time came, I'd take a friend or a date.

Well, the time came on Friday and this is how it went:

One night only!

Front row :)

The Schnitz

Sunny day, on my way to the show! Also: BIG sunglasses.

Schmancy dress and shoes

Brandi and her band doing a set before the Symphony joined them

The orchestra is in back - this is her regular cellist, who was amazing

I ended up not bringing anyone with me because Sizzle doesn't live here, and because I didn't want anyone talking to me at the wrong moment. Or looking at me. Or breathing near me. (Don't say it - I already know.) I've never been in the front row at the Schnitz before, and it was really something - I could hear Brandi humming and singing to herself while the symphony played. The entire show was amazing - I love strings, and the symphony was stunning. And Brandi is so raw and unaffected live - she's so much more than her voice on a record. It's a very touching experience. The night was everything I'd hoped it would be, and much, much more.

(Here's a preview of one of her new songs -- new album coming out in a month :>)


  1. That sounds AMAZING. Why aren't Portland and Seattle closer than 3 hours?!

    Glad you had that experience!

  2. Dude, it does sound amazing. So glad you got the chance to see it. I'm just gonna follow Sizzle around the interwebs and repeat her every comment. :-)

  3. You look beautiful, darling! I'm glad you went :)

  4. I love that you went alone and your reasons why. I totally get that.

    Also, you are gorgeous!

  5. That picture of you is the joy in my life.

    Sounds like an amazing concert. Good job on enjoying the hell out of it.